Hotspot: Forodhani Food Market – Tanzania

Forodhani food market is an extremely popular market in Stone Town, Tanzania that offers a night market with the beautiful backdrop of the Indian Ocean and the House of Wonders. The House of… Continue reading

Swahili Festival Community Picnic

Safari Restaurant DC is so excited to be part of the Swahili Festival Community picnic.  Scheduled for September 21, 2014 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Bladensburg Waterfront Park, this festival… Continue reading

Chips Mayai and Zege – subtle differences between the two

Chips mayai is a very common dish in Tanzania.  The price is great and it is rather filling.    Similar to a potato omelette, it is often served with kachumbari (tomatoes and onions cut… Continue reading

Safiri with Safari DC

Safiri (Sah-Fee-Ree) is a Swahili word, derived from the Arabic word, Safara (Sah-Fah-Rah).   It means to travel, to go on an expedition, to take a journey. Eating at Safari DC is a journey… Continue reading

The difference between pilau and biriyani rice

So Safari Restaurant DC offers three distinct types of rice–pilau, biriyani and coconut rice.  It is really easy to figure out what coconut rice is….it’s coconut flavored rice.  But what is the difference… Continue reading

Biriyani Rice – not just another pretty dish

Biryani – baked rice layered with meat – first originated in the Moghul cuisine of the 16th-19th centuries. It was a festive dish, costly to prepare and eaten mainly in the royal courts.… Continue reading

Pilau – the side dish with an attitude

Pilau is the side dish that makes a dull meal so much more attractive.  Laden with saffron, nuts and other spices, it bursts with flavor, leaving you filled with a longing for more. … Continue reading

Petworth Community Market on Saturday

The Petworth Community Market will be selling it’s fresh fruits and veggies this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  The market, known for bringing fresh produce, artisan food, local farms, and entertainment… Continue reading

Safari Restaurant DC is re-energized

Safari Restaurant DC is excited to be a part of the Petworth neighborhood renaissance. Petworth is a neighborhood that has a quaint dignity beneath its sometimes scruffy exterior.  Filled with lots of single… Continue reading