Chips Mayai and Zege – subtle differences between the two

Chips mayai is a very common dish in Tanzania.  The price is great and it is rather filling.    Similar to a potato omelette, it is often served with kachumbari (tomatoes and onions cut in fine slices–an East African salad).  Although most often eaten for breakfast, it can be eaten anytime of the day.

Chips Mayai

Chips Mayai

Sometimes it is called Zege (which means ‘cement’ in Swahili) although, traditionally, this is usually a term used for chips mayai that has shish kabobs cooked directly into it.


3-4 potatoes
2 – 3 eggs


Skin and cut 3-4 medium-sized potatoes into any size convenient for frying.
Fry the potatoes in oil until browned into chips.
Place enough chips into a medium size pan with oil.
Heat pan.
Beat two eggs (more or less can be used) well and pour over chips.
Fry well, then flip using a plate.
Fry the other side until satisfied. If well-cooked eggs are desired, flip again to ensure enough heat is applied.

Serve hot with kachumbari on the side.

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